Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

An Intentional New Year

Through the last couple of weeks of December, I experienced an odd (but I can’t imagine unique) sensation. As the days slipped forward toward the inevitable new calendar year, I sensed the uneasy presence of dueling desires.

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Fork in the Path

There Are No Right or Wrong Decisions

Every single day, we’re confronted with countless choices. Many are routine or seemingly trivial. Some of my own frequent decisions go like this: Which pants should I wear (should I even wear pants today)? Do I feel like listening to Black Sabbath, Al Green, or some Claude Debussy on my commute? Now that my day […]

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Somewhere near Smith Creek Trail

The Beauty of Unexpected Trails

Today was a day for me to get some much-needed nature therapy. In the summer months, I struggle to get into woods because of the hellacious Southern heat and humidity. And August is truly one of the cruelest months. However, yesterday, I experienced a panic attack that took me by surprise. My daily medication usually […]

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Mountain River

Finding Our River

Think back for a moment. Can you remember what it was like to be 18 years old? Even though I currently deal with occasional bouts of Stage IV CRS, I vividly recall just how much I wanted to escape my claustrophobic small town rural life of central Appalachia, grab my independence with both hands, and […]

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You gotta jump.

You Gotta Jump

All I can say to this bit of inspiration from Steve Harvey is…damn right. Jumping off the cliff – even knowing you have a parachute – is scary as hell. And I’ll be absolutely candid. I’m still falling, tugging at the ripcord. I’ve been torn up and beaten up on my way down. I’ve experienced things […]

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Picard facepalm

4 Steps To Keep From Walking Into Another Bad Workplace

Eventually it happens to all of us when we enter a new organization. Sometimes it takes a few years. Sometimes a few months. For the least fortunate among us, only a few weeks. I’m talking about the waving of a red flag signaling our first WTF experience in our workplace. It’s usually accompanied by a […]

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Rambo and survival

Five Observations For Surviving The Modern Workplace

This post might serve as some indication as to the type of week I’ve had. One where the veil has been pulled aside to further clarify some observations that I’ve noticed in my long and winding career journey. 1. Our organization is not our family. This very notion that my organization is a family has always made […]

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