image: Kissing Fish

Happy Labor Day: We Still Have Work To Do

As someone who writes, thinks, and speaks about work, Labor Day takes a certain significance as a holiday. Its important political roots often get overshadowed by three-day weekend vacations, family cookouts, outlet shopping sales, and festivities recognizing that summer is almost over. (And for the record, I’m not begrudging any of these things…I’m damn happy […]

Angry Pizza

Motivation By Pizza Is Craptastic Management

What moves you to do your best work? To be your best self? Does it come from an internal drive built on pride and desire for improvement? Or does it come from appreciation, encouragement, and kudos from people around you? Maybe it’s the promise of a reward. A couple recent studies seem to indicate that […]

You gotta jump.

You Gotta Jump

All I can say to this bit of inspiration from Steve Harvey is…damn right. Jumping off the cliff – even knowing you have a parachute – is scary as hell. And I’ll be absolutely candid. I’m still falling, tugging at the ripcord. I’ve been torn up and beaten up on my way down. I’ve experienced things […]


Take That Donor Survey All The Way Home

In my home, I’ve adopted a phrase that reminds my family to not just leave their empty cracker wrappers, finished Starbucks cups, and used paper towels laying about the house. That phrase is: Take it all the way home. What I’m hoping is that it’ll be just that little nudge to take trash to the […]


Fifty Shades of Fundraising

It all started innocently enough. I was having a running series of craptastic days where I was constantly fending off internal threats to my integrity, capability, and autonomy as a digital fundraiser. Where departmental politics was bound and determined to win out over what – at least in my mind – was best for our donor […]


Got A Little Too Much JQA In Your Organization?

I’m always a little late to the game when it comes to finding good podcasts. However, I have a wife who has a longer commute than me (sorry, honey) and has found podcasts to be a balm to soothe her mind and stoke her intellect while navigating Atlanta’s daily traffic woes. One of the latest […]