Why Stalk When You Can Twitter?

Update 05.15.07: Yes, the twitterings to the right are for real. After taking a good look at twitter, I now see it has potential for good as well as minor evil. That’ll teach me to go off on a rant without fully understanding the source of the rant. Lesson learned.

I try not to go off-theme too often, but there are times when I simply can’t help it. Particularly when common sense seems to get trumped by the latest fad. Okay, here we go…

How do you know when all this beautiful web 2.o stuff has gone too far? When something like Twitter becomes the Next Great Thing.

Want to know if someone’s having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Ask Twitter.

Want to tell everyone you know that you had a bad bean burrito and now you’re stuck in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god? Go tell Twitter.

Bored with life or work and have nothing else better to do? Get Twitter now.

Sorry everyone. I just don’t get it. Am I missing something? Is the need to know what someone is doing every second just that compelling? Have we become so enamored with reality television that we need to bring it to the web? And for the love of pete, who thinks their life is so damn interesting that we want to know about every move you make? Makes you wonder if there’s a reason that twitter starts with ‘twit.’

Please. I challenge someone (anyone) to make one solid argument in favor of Twitter. Else this has the makings of some wonderful satire.

Update 03.15.07: Oh no, Johnnie Moore has succumbed to the darkness of Twitter! Of course, not everyone in his circle is enamored with this development

Update 03.16.07: Kathy Sierra has a good analysis on what’s wrong with the (hopefully short-lived) Twitter phenomenon. And the anti-Twitters are coming out of the woodwork based on the comments.

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  • David Gammel

    Count me in on not getting it. I can see some possible uses but nothing in line with the buzz this thing has.

    Perhaps I’ve become an old cranky gen x’er. :)

  • sue pelletier

    I don’t get it either, but lots of folks seem to be addicted to it. Must be something to it, but it escapes me entirely.

  • Chris Bailey

    Hey there, David and Sue. I thought maybe it was just me not being hip to the new style. Maybe the fact that we don’t quite get it means that we have work to do that keeps us from constantly letting folks know that we just went to the fax machine, now to the post office, oh and now I’m heading to the bank. Can you feel the excitement build? ;)

  • David Gammel

    I just poured my first cup of coffee of the day!

  • Ben
  • Chris Bailey

    Hey there Ben, I don’t know if that’s the last nail in the coffin. Just saw that Johnnie Moore is trying it out. Egads.

    I’m trying to figure out why I dislike this whole idea so much. But I still haven’t heard from anyone as to why Twitter is worth the effort. Or is this just a Gen Y thing?

  • Ben

    Blogging about it only makes it stronger!

  • annette

    Hi Chris – thanks for your comment over at my blog – I despair, I really do…I’m happy being a luddite but really and truly the world has gone mad!

  • Chris Bailey

    Oh Ben, I know. I’ve just contributed a little bit to Twitter’s ascension in the world. Or maybe not…maybe if more of us call ‘bullshit’ on some of this insanity then the world will return to it’s senses. Could you make a case for how it can be used in the association world ;) I’m just dying for someone to argue with me on how it will better my life.

    Hi Annette, glad to have found you though I’m sorry it’s at Johnnie’s expense. Luddites often get a bad rap…they’re usually the canary in the coalmine of online senselessness.

  • EM Sky

    ROFL. I’d never even heard of the thing until this post… and I’ve never been so happy to be out of the loop! I took my primary work computer completely “off-line” just a few months ago. I haven’t gotten this much done since about 1995…

  • Chris Bailey

    Howdy, EM. Wow. Now that’s really going unplugged, but you’ve offered an example of where being constantly connected isn’t as productive as it’s made out to be. There’s unplug your television week…imagine if there was unplug your internet connection week? Would the world stop it’s rotation? Of course, I’m not sure I could do this which probably points to a nasty addiction. Oh well, guess everyone needs at least one vice in their life.

  • annette

    Chris I’ve decided the only “next best thing” I’m going to pay any attention to is how I can make a living from reading blogs (as distinct from writing them) if anyone is on to this could they call my agent :)

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