Video: Being Real, Telling My Story

A continuation of my last post on letting go. I was out for a brisk walk this morning and felt inspired to offer my thoughts on having the courage to share not only all the awesomeness in our life, but the sadnesses, struggles, imperfections, and everything in between. I feel called to Be Real in 2014 and hope you’ll join me.

What steps can you take to Be Real? Share them here or through social media using #bereal2014. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Love, Chris

P.S., Once upon a time, I would have been too self-conscious to do this. I would have worried over the lighting, sound, messy hair, shaky picture. And forgive the vertical resolution…I’ll remember to record horizontal the next time. Taking baby steps, though. Hope you can see through the imperfections to the deeper message.

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  • David Zinger

    Love the walk and the talk. Very authentic and aren’t we all a little shaky? If you have not read Philip Simmons Learning to Fall you might appreciate this excerpt:

    • Chris Bailey

      Thank you, David. I haven’t read Learning to Fall and that excerpt was beautiful. There is so much truth in his words and appreciate you sharing it. Here’s to appreciating the strawberries that are all around us…and the courage to fall with and to grace. Be well, my friend.