Five Observations For Surviving The Modern Workplace

This post might serve as some indication as to the type of week I’ve had. One where the veil has been pulled aside to further clarify some observations that I’ve noticed in my long and winding career journey. 1. Our organization is not our family. This very notion that my organization is a family has always made […]


Baby Steps Getting It Done

I’m an impatient person. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a “why the bloody hell hasn’t it happened, yet?” That’s the problem when I start to see five steps ahead. I want to skip the first four steps and get right to the end point. And yet, I know that totally ignores opportunities […]

Take What You Need

The Harmful and Ridiculous Lie of “Mentally Strong People”

Last year, when I was in the hellish gutter of one of the worst depression and anxiety episodes of my life, I kept seeing articles pop up in my Facebook feed talking about “mentally strong people” and the actions they take every day. At the time I felt anything but mentally strong. I was just trying to […]


LeBron’s Homecoming Story Mirrors My Own Journey

For those of you who follow sports and professional basketball, the most recent LeBron free-agency media hurricane could be seen as fascinating, inane, or some combination of both. Most of us remember the widely criticized facepalm moment which was The Decision four years ago when The King decided to leave his hometown of Cleveland to […]

inspectiv donor persuasion model

How to Motivate Donors: The Donor Persuasion Model

As I speak with nonprofit leaders, one key question continues to emerge: Why do our donors give? On the surface, the answer may seem obvious, but the question persists because it’s truly difficult to answer. We all give for different reasons and with different motivations. Yet, the question of “Why?” follows the challenge of “How?”: […]

Valuing your donor relationships

Building Strong Donor Relationships

I recently got a card from my 85 year old grandmother. It was a cute card with a dog hanging in a rather precarious position and looking troubled. The message inside was: “Hang in there.” While things are going well for me, it was just her way of showing concern and also expressing a desire […]

Slow down

Hit A Speed Bump But Regaining Speed

Ack. It’s happened again. I find myself with about four or five half-written posts in Draft stage but nothing published in over a month. This is not to say I haven’t been busy, but just needed to slow down a bit and handle a couple of neat grant writing and email marketing projects. In the […]


4 Ways To Show Your New Volunteers The Love

Do your volunteers know how to most effectively support your organization? Sure, maybe those key individuals who have been with your nonprofit for a while know how to contribute to your cause. But what about new volunteers who are brimming with excitement and passion? Have you made it easy for them? My majority of my […]


The Art of Volunteer Engagement

Say you’re a nonprofit executive or someone responsible for working with volunteers…do you know the value of the volunteer work being done on your organization’s behalf? Consider all that time spent, all that energy devoted, all that expertise put to service of your mission. Do you have an idea of their true worth? If your […]