Patience, Faith, and My Professional Journey

I am not, by nature, a patient person. However, I am finding this to be an essential quality as an entrepreneur building a coaching practice. It takes patience to develop solid networking business relationships. It takes patience to allow folks to find their way to your blog and website. It takes patience to gather enough […]


Wandering and Getting Unstuck

A few weeks ago, I spoke to my college alumni group about my path to coaching and broke my story into three chapters. The opening chapter (yet, the one that continues to drive me) is called: Not all those who wander are lost. It’s from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and neatly encapsulates my […]


Guess It’s Time To Get In Shape

A new perk for employees could be a week-long European corporate bicycling trip. DuVine Adventures is wooing Fortune 500 companies to dump the staid old corporate retreat in favor of a luxurious biking trek through Europe. The press release continues: Traveling Europe by bicycle is the most exciting of all corporate incentives. Earning a deluxe […]


from FC blog…Leadership Lessons from a Greyhound Bus Trip

Lucas Conley at Fast Company posted an entry chronicling his recent experience of getting lost on a greyhound bus somewhere around NYC. When the driver finally admitted to his passengers that he was lost, a number of suggestions came from the backseats that helped the group find their way into Manhattan. As a man who […]


The Struggle of the Moth – Are You Ready to Take Flight?

Isaac Cheifetz poses the following question: Can the principles of evolutionary biology be used to guide our careers? In his article, he compares the “stop and go” path that some middle managers find in their journey to executive management to the evolutionary development theory of Punctuated Equalibrium popularized by Stephen jay Gould. In Gould’s theory, […]


Work and Life and Success: Room For All?

I’ve found two very different perspectives on the work/life experience in the media. The first comes from Fortune Magazine and takes the view that organizations must see a flexible workplace as a benefit for their employees and a key business initiative that positively affects the bottom-line. While the article is sponsored by an association that […]


A Time To Choose (In Honor Of The Return To Standard Time)

This past weekend, I had the tremendous honor of meeting and briefly being taught by Henry Kimsey-House, co-founder of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and one of the creators of the co-active coaching model. It was partly because of an interview in Utne Reader last year that I realized that I wanted to be a […]


There Is More Between Heaven and Earth

It’s a little off of what I would normally post here, but I keep coming back to this story and find myself amazed by what happened. It’s the recent story about the 17 year old girl who drove over her car into a ravine in Washington state. Two things are absolutely miraculous: one, that she […]


October is National Work and Family Month

Last year, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution designating October as National Work and Family Month (more information can be found at the National Work-Life Initiative website). This is a significant step for all who have been advocating for greater understanding that employees do not check their personal lives at the front door of their […]