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Want To Increase Your Email Subscribers? Easy Does It

Growing your email newsletter subscriber list or prospect housefile takes patience and planning. In addition to some of the usual good advice about subscription form placement (every webpage), email delivery (send consistently around the same time every day, week, month, etc.), and strategy (have goals for goodness sake), I have a couple of others:

Suggestion #1: Make it as easy as possible for someone to subscribe. Don’t ask for oodles of information from them at the outset. All you really need is a name and email address. I’ve seen far too many clients ask for fields of personal data only to get a high bounce rate. If you want to glean more demographic data from your subscribers, ask for a little to get them through the door and then gradually ask for more data over time.

Suggestion #2: Create enewsletters that are as personalized as possible. Sometimes what *you* believe is of value may not be valuable to your whole subscriber base. If you find that your content is starting to cover lots of different topics, consider either creating multiple newsletters that are more topic-focused. Or, find an email delivery platform that allows you to serve up blocks of content that’s personalized based on what your subscriber tells you what they want to read.

What other ways have you found success in building your email subscriber list?

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