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Roadtrip Aborted Or Just Another Bailey Christmas Tradition

We had it all planned out. We plotted our course from Austin to Akron, OH. We serviced the Sienna. We found overnight lodging in Tennessee that was Calvin and Lily friendly and found a sitter for our girls’ guinea pig. We found lots of books, DVDs, and road games to keep us occupied for the 20 hours of driving. We packed all our clothes for two weeks.

Ahhh…but what we didn’t plan for was a fast-moving, vicious little stomach virus that tore through our happy little foursome like vikings on a pillaging expedition. Well, at least three of us since Katie has yet to show signs of succumbing to the invasion. Perhaps the ancient Celtic within her blood will be enough to avert the onslaught.

For those of you who have been long-time readers, you might recall that this has happened before. Around this time two years ago, I wrote that It’s Good To Get Sick Sometimes. So, here’s what our growing list of Christmas traditions look like:

Setting up the Christmas tree while drinking hot chocolate and eating freshly made cookies…check
Reading daily from the Advent book…check
Reading the story of Jesus’s birth from the Gospel of Luke on Christmas eve…check
Spending time at the porcelain throne with Mr. Tummybug…check

Maybe this is our penance for never managing to send Christmas cards to friends and loved ones. If that’s the case, I’ll immediately write each person an individualized note and even hand-deliver it. I’ll even happily accept being haunted by ghosts of Christmases past, present, and future. So, dear Santa, why don’t we just nix this whole Christmas time stomach mischief, okay?

Now, rather than a road trip to visit family and friends on the East Coast, the Texas regiment of the Bailey-Starr clan will be hanging out at home. It’s called being flexible with your plans because we’re not always in control of these things. There are just some times you have to accept what’s given and find the goodness in it. We’re still going to have a bang-up Christmas here and probably take a little roadtrip down to Galveston for a couple of days to see the sights. We’ll have a blast! And here’s hoping that these last few days of 2007 are a blast for you, as well.