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Bloggers Unite for Human Rights Today

I try not to stray too far away from the core topics behind the Alchemy of Soulful Work (though maybe I should be a little more lax with this), but I’m compelled to write today as a part of the Bloggers Unite for Human Rights event. For me, the reason is simple: without basic human rights and freedoms I would not be able to write about workplace issues. And the very notion of employee engagement and joyful work is only possible if our foundational liberties are taken care of. I know I sometimes take this for granted and am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this movement today.

There are places in this world where sitting and writing ideas like I’m doing at this moment would likely land me in jail. China is one such place which continues to not hesitate to send journalists and dissidents to prison for speaking out against injustice and censorship. And the sad fact is that some of the companies we support turn a blind eye to this…or in the case of Yahoo! agree to cooperate with this gestapo behavior. One action you can take today is send an email to Yahoo! and let them know you think they need to change their actions on human rights abuses.

And lest you think I might let my own country off the hook, I’m also taking the United States to task for it’s hypocritical use of the Guantanamo Bay facility for illegal detentions. It’s very existence and what actually occurs there makes a mockery of every proud ideal this country was founded upon. I hope you’ll join me in the initiative to Tear it Down.

If you’re able to freely read this post, write about it, and talk about it to your neighbors and friends then know that there are individuals out there who have no voice and are invisible. We can stand for them and speak for them. This is our freedom.