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Python Thursdays: In A World Full Of Supermen…

…Sometimes it’s the simple things that really differentiate who we are and what we can add to the world.

What our hero, Bicycle Repair Man, shows is that it doesn’t matter if we’re surrounded by awesomely powerful individuals. Our job is to dig down and discover what truly makes each of us unique and what skills we have that we can use in our own distinct way.

So what about you…how do you relate to our hero here?


Python Thursdays: How Interesting Are You?

This week’s Python Thursday introduces some Interesting People.

Okay, so some of us might not be able to put bricks to sleep or are more interesting than a wet pussycat. But hopefully, you’re not invisible like Mr. Walters (3:00).

Thinking about hidden talents (or as Rosa Say calls them, sleeping talents), what makes you interesting and how do you use it to your advantage in jobhunting or in your work?


Python Thursdays: Ken Shabby’s Inspiring Story

Think you have it rough in life? Mr. Ken Shabby offers us a view of someone who keeps a stiff upper lip in the face of low-end jobs and accommodations. See, in spite of his janitorial ambitions and having to live with his polecat-raising grandmother, he’s about to move on up into upper-class society. Watch his inspiring story after the brief animated introduction:

The key work lesson here: make sure that you get resources to do your tasks more effectively, promotion or no promotion.


Python Thursdays: Confuse-A-Cat

The first time I saw Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I was 12 years old. From the introductory, “It’s…” to the ending credits playing John Philip Sousa’s Liberty Bell, I was a changed young man. My sense of humor was permanently skewed as I started quietly reciting whole sketches in the middle of class and trying to draw some of Terry Gilliam’s bawdy images. Since those salad days of youth, not much as really changed in my adoration of all things Python. Well, that’s not entirely true…as I’ve matured, I’ve realized that Monty Python offers some very pointed lessons for how to navigate work life.

It is with great excitement and zany, madcap glee that I offer what will be a biweekly series called Python Thursdays. For the inaugural Python Thursday, I’m choosing the Confuse-A-Cat sketch. This was from that very first episode I saw of MPFC. The learning is after video…and now for something completely different:

Oh how many times have I found myself suffering from the old stockbrokers syndrome? Balls of string and juicy mice just didn’t perk me up the way they used to. Being in a rut sucks. And you know it’s bad when it can affect even poor domestic kitties. But there are a couple of things you can do when you wake up and realize that you’re stuck in a rut.

Keep your social ties strong. Imagine poor kitty if he didn’t have such wonderful owners bringing him food and milk, calling in a very competent vet, and ordering the services of Confuse-A-Cat Limited.

Confuse yourself. Take a different route to work or the grocery store. Start putting your keys somewhere different. Start with small things. You don’t exactly need a penguin on a pogo-stick chasing a guy in a towel – but it wouldn’t hurt.

And don’t wait until it’s too late. If only more people would call in the nick of time.

Any other learnings we can draw from our newly confused kitty?