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Online Community Roundup: Webstock Edition

I’m too late for Webstock 2009, but I’m keeping the 2010 conference in my sights. It looks like they put together a powerhouse learning experience. Plus, it’s in New Zealand. So, I have a little less than a year to woo these good folks into a speaking gig.

One of their key workshops in 2009 was on Online Community 101 and presented by two online community heavyweights: Derek Powazek and Heather Champ. Even though it focused on the basics, both speakers delivered some strong recommendations for anyone creating communities.

These four summaries provide a terrific overview and are chock full of useful ideas:
Julie Starr at Evolving Newsroom
Courtney Johnson at LibraryTechNZ
Sarah Jones at Lunchbox
Dean Stringer at the Waikato Centre for eLearning

Maybe 2010 will be the year I finally make it to New Zealand? Even if I can’t land a speaking engagement it looks like a great opportunity to share experiences with a dynamic group of folks.