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To open his opinion piece on CNN called Why the office is the worst place to work, Jason Fried writes, Companies spend billions on rent, offices, and office equipment so their employees will have a great place to work. However, when you ask people where they go when they really need to get something done, […]

Continuing my thought process from yesterday, how’s this for adventure? WebUrbanist tips Lia Sutton and the concept of the Adventure Playground: In short, adventure playgrounds are places where children can create and modify their own environments, rather than relying on rigid equipment that only serves a limit set of programmed purposes: “In a sense, you […]

It seems the ‘war’ for talent is still at a fever pitch at some organizations…at least if we gauge it by the corporate perks offered. Okay, maybe it’s not quite at the same level of the heydays, but we’ve all heard about the companies that offer gourmet cafeterias and concierge services for their employees. […]

Many thanks to John for pointing me to an older post from Alexander Kjerulf at Chief Happiness Officer. I must have missed this when I was on my fall hiatus. One of the guiding themes behind workplay is cultivating a playful workplace. This isn’t just about creating a working environment where people enjoy what they […]