Why Bailey WorkPlay Exists

Or perhaps a better question is: Why believe a word I say and write?

Oh god, you probably shouldn’t. You might want to go and read something from respectable sites like The Atlantic, The Economist, or Buzzfeed. But if you like your shot of whisky straight up and without all those artificial fruit flavors that seem so popular right now, well…belly up to the bar. It’s time to get tipsy on some truth. (And if you’re already drunk, slow down and let the rest of us catch up.)

Here’s what I’m offering. I give a damn about the ideal of playful, purposeful work. I honestly, deeply believe that our work is a gift and that we should be intentional about who we choose to give that gift. Too many workplaces don’t deserve our gift so we have to help them get their shit straight. (And that might also involve each of us getting our own shit straight in the process.)

That may sound like some sort of mission impossible but I promise you that it isn’t. So I’m offering you an opportunity to take a trip together. One where we figure out how to bridge that seemingly immense chasm between work and play. I can’t promise that it won’t end something like Thelma and Louise, but let’s give it a shot…whatcha say?

Now, why take this trip with me? Because I’m sitting exactly where you are in a 12×12 foot cube. I’m trying to navigate all the changes popping up around us in the modern workplace, trying to make sense of this thing called a career, trying to not go apeshit over the latest organizational drama, trying to figure out what it means to work with a purpose. I’m not a senior executive or an academic or a high-priced consultant who is removed from the day-to-day action. Just an everyday fella who wants to do good and maybe get a little loud and rowdy when the situation calls for it.

If this sounds like a good time to you, just call shotgun and let’s go. What do you have to lose?

With love, Chris

PS. And if you’re still interested in learning about my background and what’s influenced my views on jobs, work, life, then inquire within. Or if you’re interested in having a chat about stuff, then reach out (first round’s on me).